Verified records of history changing


Note: if you know of any more, let us know.


Recorded records of history changing [literature]

1] A construction worker, 42, from Slovenia, went back to the early 20th Century on timeline 210988 and stopped Italo Zeno, the man who wrote ‘Svevo’s Conscience’ from meeting James Joyce. As a result, the writer was never discovered and did not become a celebrity late in life – instead, it is recorded that he died in a cancer ward in Northern Italy, alone, depressed, smoky.

2] A conservative woman, 26, from Ohio, USA, went back to the sixteenth century on timeline 210845 and stuck a pen in the neck of Rabelais. The writer did not die, but was nursed back to health by the same woman and encouraged not to be so smutty. As a result, his works became bland, safe and, finally, puritanical.

3] A failed writer, 52, from New York, New York, USA, journeyed to the 1940’s on timeline 211064 and stayed in the same building as 16 year old budding writer, Holden Caulfield. He got to know the young man and asked to read his work. After doing so, he told Caulfield that his novel was ‘hopeless, hopeless, fucking hopeless’ for a whole year. On December 28th, with the failed writer slouched against the opposite window, Caulfield threw his manuscript and then himself onto the street below. Like Leslie Cheung, he landed on some railings and was almost cut in half; luckily the wound was not that deep and his waist somehow held itself together. He still died, of course, but the body was slightly less gruesome for the mortician to look at. The failed writer retrieved the manuscript and published it a few years later under his own name.


Recorded records of history changing [other]


1] An office worker, 29, from Manchester, UK, went back to 2004 on timeline 212013 to prevent the first meeting between Kirsten Dunst and the lead singer of Razorlight. It is not recorded how the office worker performed this task, but it is heavily suspected that he remote-flew a model airplane into Kirsten Dunst’s face, injuring her and forcing security to take her to hospital. The event was witnessed by Johnny whathisname, but he made no attempt to visit the actress in hospital. As a result, they never became a couple. It is still unclear why this was important to the history changer.

2] An ex-convict turned social worker, 42, from Almeria, Spain, appeared at the court of Louis XVI in the late eighteenth century on timeline 212128 and blended in as an aristocrat. He worked his way to the top of favoured courtiers until he was well-liked enough to hang around with the king a few times a week. It is written in our records that he used this opportunity to try and persuade Louis to introduce a long term plan of, first, social relief, and later, social reform and democracy. Arguments used included pictures of nobles with their heads chopped off and repeated showings of Oliver Twist [Polanski version], Annie and Trading Places. As a result of this tampering, the social worker was exiled from Paris and later hunted down by royalists and shot. Louis continued to spend money on himself and his palace, and eventually died peacefully in his sleep in 1814.

3] A film director, 64, from London, UK, went back to 1997 on timeline 211336 and told his past self not to hire Edward Norton as the star of American History X. However, it is also recorded that an unemployed actor, 57, from New Jersey, USA also went back to the same year and warned the past self of the director not to listen to the words of his future self as he was ‘just a bitter, old fuck’. As a result, the past self of the director had a nervous breakdown and the film was never made.

4] A retired graphic artist, 21, from Fresno [not sure where it is, check files], USA, went back to the early 80’s in London and rented a flat near to the family of a young Daman Albarn. After weeks of orchestrated ‘bumping intos’ with the Albarn family, the graphic artist was asked, and agreed, to babysit for young Daman, who was 9 at the time. Records show that she took care of him for five years on and off. The Graphic artist made sure that everything she did in those five years would leave an indelible impression on Albarn, but it is unclear whether or not she succeeded or indeed what her ultimate intentions were. Records show that Damon Albarn released the same albums as in the previous timeline of 211247 and is currently in a relationship with a 22 year old graphic artist from California.

5] A teacher, 31, from Hong Kong, went back to the following years: 2007, 1972, 1967 and 1955. Records show that in 2007 he went to Shanghai, China and spent time with a young girl called Kitty Zhang Yuqi. In 1972 he worked near a college and spent time with a young student called Erin Grey. In 1967 he worked as a grip on the set of ‘The Fearless Vampire Killers’ and spent a lot of time with Sharon Tate. In 1955, he auditioned for the Dennis Hopper role in ‘Rebel without a Cause’ and spent a lot of time with Natalie Wood. It is believed that he may have tried to sleep with all four women, but this remains as rumour only.

6] A content engineer, 40, living in California, USA, went back to the 1960’s and rented an apartment next to Frank Herbert, who at the time was busy writing ‘Dune’. They spent a lot of time together and became friends. Four months later, Herbert was found dead at the bottom of a hill and the content engineer had disappeared. As a result, ‘Doon’ was published in the year 2012 on timeline 211276 by Marc Horne, and its sequel ‘Doon 2: Spice Assassin’ followed a year later.

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