German Post Office [a poem]

Interview: Charles Band Remembers Klaus Kinski in CRAWLSPACE ...


I’m a doctor not a sponge fuck daddy dot spunk hippy

tutorial centres make mistakes too

in evi   table


those were spaces between one word and the spaces were there they were there they were really there

weren’t they


volcano in town


but no shoes

pretty dead for a Spaniard

I vote blue

gas pipes can’t

use verbs


dictionary out late

cry slowly with

Russians nearby

bobby  push

yes that one

renames herself pushkin

yet [i]

don’t talk about duels

talk about

crown gob slum pet patriotism

jazz please

with a fence

and tickets for crown gob

remember her?

Four times

fanny jackal

roams supermarket

no trolley but fish with a face


jevil is devil with a j


mysteries are the best


Fairuza Balk can agree


no photos

later maybe

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