Bad Hungarian


Escalator de death one way

up not down cos

Citibank digs from gap kids

plus etsy

on weekdays if it’s dark if there’s oil

Oh tzi do, megatron

don’t use gap use



this has stock feeling

and finger tights

lava doesn’t negotiate


oh man

the penguins thought they were the heroes

not MARIO 64

I mean girls

we’re not gonna spend the whole war in the basement

are we

are we?

when even the bombs turn back

it’s toast


Muslim powernap

outside tesco and Texaco and tesla and co

throw it all in the bag

why not

we’ve all posed next to gowron at least once

and watched kinvig


misogynist inter-rail believes all windows support capers with

Roosevelt mechanics

lacoonuh style


believe me Kelly it’s different

Rimbaud knew it

so did wolverine

tetris, maybe

but yeah it’s robocop

reagan’s pet Robocop

and t-ba-bah

eight hundred in Slovene

are you Slovene?

sometimes, on forums and

sometimes Croatian but

we do call some girls Damijana and

laser print cattle so

ja, ne vem, okay.

Neon power clit


bus driver monologue

wooden bench, big palace, sexy guards

we’re in some real pretty shit now man

big man

my man

some of my best friends are chin-shaped and

quiet and


guh versus juh

means little

when there’s no second parachute


yeah megaman he

aint as tough as you think not when he

chats about slick holiday home

on Kyushu

ash ethics in the fudge room


woody allen conscience

no badge

monk on tap

on prescient skateboard

bored of din wah din lo politics

tired of stealth

curious of

clip show

Frasier’s in the vortex, lear the third

I don’t think Cordelia likes me

at all


might be the flaw or

ideology in the outback

cowering in batsuit

nipple tape hard

nunchucks rustic


you knew you would be cowardly this time

didn’t you?

Burnt out commie tent pole

wrong place same catch

echism let’s


wuhan beggar book club it

mimics it

sells it

celebrates hard


you’re not against IT, Donald

you’re temp

you’re street fight

you’re captain Pat Luc genocide

in Rommie space

with worf cop and big tits

and no tits

and some tits

and inevitable rape case

with risky beard

and leg cramp


shy tense experts

pushing shit

explaining shit

representing shit

background shit

in space den


Klingon elbow stilts manage to

evoke contest

pink outreach

leaflets in the rucksack

no jenny

that’s right

there is no rucksack but still

it’s him or me

or her or him

theocracy comic con

competition skates away fast


faster than Navajo and humanist and

our young sleaze

Doctor Kenny McKenfuck


he’s always at lunch

eating out

with secretary top cunt and billy humanist

while slaves queue

and Ryu converts

blunt hate

into fireballs

which travel at the speed of

patty duke

on pain meds

with no feet

that’s a weird shape

can I buy that here?

how, tony

nepotism can’t design

non gothic themes and


the skate shop’s closed,

it’s closed, doc

for real

competition’s over

don’t blame me


I ordered my dick online


says Skeletor


to sexy backward cat porn

outside toys r us

with glow stick

baby it’s

dark times, green times

twice a week

impetus and dogtooth and

dot dot dot

cat porn

you still there?


I wonder if the arcade still has battletoads?

Quentin fucking crisp

I’m out of tape

and prejudice but


those block cartoons jump sideways

out of mothballs

with gel in hair

and electric dip dip

only the intro though please


I’ve got a date later

with compromised pussy shot


5% twat, other % tour guide

in heart and words


get off my back, crater face

brazil gave blankets too

and coltalin and

sleep in freddy’s dollhouse, if you dare,

with boy face and mamet face and junkie cardboard and

those aren’t pillows they’re

Mongolian deception

dressed like dragnet

to the wall, through the wall, laugh at wall


the horses are the clever ones

com pesticide fence jump

ho impressive


air guitar, dude

even the baaaa was fake

even the baa


listen Jake

listen to the verse

before the air guitar it’s

children of the sun

now you’re time has just begun

com syphilis

yeah she is she’s

permanently racist in

luxury drainpipe with

water for a price

a small price

heroes in Holyhead

give anti-brazilian blankets

and Panadol

to homeless tycoons in yellowface


splinter doesn’t care he

goes dancing

in the meat packing district he

reads Jin Yong he

talks paint he

sends hate mail dressed as fan mail to that prolific cunt fantasist Louis Cha


Dread on the sailboats

handouts bad

Pankhurst porn

on planetary outpost gone zine

die for your concepts


die cos you’re old

it’s prime number feminist

from Bolivian pens

Sally Field hears strides obeys the call

in lead hat


semi productive accent

Oh zeitface

tong yee lei but

mum raa media group

prints lip and


there are no horses on the racecourse

today just

old dean devlin and

dark left hand


secular castle fag

and down the corridor it’s worse it’s

old man racism in

the sea

Skeletor hair lab

so happy


Zealots can’t humiliate sad towns

in winter time

without water slides


they won’t even try

Bai ha

not while there’s koo culture in le gai sik


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