Dirty Futurism

RoboCop - Rotten Tomatoes

A denser than usual

mob of neutrino emissions

fisting the drawbridge menu pad


in spurts

run a level 2 dialetecticalosis [comrade]

convert proto-matter

to anti-matter

to doesn’t matter

to matters are bleak

in the Martov house.

Julius is not here right now, if you’d like to shit on the hamlet quote, please call ba-

Oort not a cloud but vapourwave

rope from ‘Rope’

Spock: the Bolian years

Latvian maid big tits rides sleepwalking master,

house bot watches from padded plant,

pleasures itself


Oort not a cloud but fire death han zai

Kuff from ‘Kuffs’

Spock: the Tholian years

Latvian maid wet pussy docks on lapsed Calvinist master,

side-gorges on house bot,


Oort not a cloud but

Only 2 friends in the Plutonian Print Guild

1 of them a perv

Were we

in polar orbit of Moab IV all this time?

Is that

a Kautsky lip pic on your port window?





Molecular in the best possible way

Muons duped by kulak lies

Mensheviks begging at the warp core

Machinery the VERY warmest shade of lib

Gong. Li. Di.

No Breen Bakunin

Wat then?

Piss suit in the nickel mine, poor stitching, third hand, logo over flag, agents with a vested interest in

Plasma surge

on Worf’s head

quelled by class consciousness

Yet again

for the seventh time

HE went and named a bench after Plekhanov

nice tits, Plekhanov

if that’s what you’re after

01110111 01100101 00100000 01110111 01100001 01101110 01110100 00100000 01100001 00100000 01110011 01101111 01100110 01110100 00100000 01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100


EK-2 can recognise a coat hanger

turn left


load excel

feed retirees into asteroid-based ore shredders



with these bots we win back 80 hour work weeks, fuck the less shrilly ones, re-open the Io chimney farm, offer statue compensation package – does radiation objectively hurt, does it make skin melt, probably not – ration oxygen, touch black astronauts’ hair, spend more time on industrial megasca-

Moon beam to moon base to moon boon to outright

moon scabbery

This Romulan wishes to talk alone

dirty, padded

Cheka [3 acts]

Cheka on the campaign trail


Cheka in the think tank


Cheka by the pool

until well after ten

Ja, regimes are lax when MacGyver’s on, take a break, draw your wife, finger the guy in the post office, learn Dutch, consider cynicism as a genuine philosophical approa-

Progress report: low on butter, still looking for train station





sent to Perm III to investigate why the Dark Universe Franchise never took off

why 1 in 5 comrades came back fruity

how cameras worked every single time

other things

New nacelle

same as the last nacelle


Ja but

Guinan serving up her own muff

beneath the set of Ten Forward


out by the heliosphere, deluxe philosophy

you’re in a hotel

no you’re in a hotel

 no you’re in a hotel

no you’re in a hotel

 no you’re a hotel

 no you’re

in later years

give up two to three tenths of your ID knowingly

watch old eps of Cadfael


Neutrinos care

when O Brien’s not around

my nebula, mine

us korva

fallow yet?

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