[Destiny] Chapter 53: Garden Dome Organism


V naslednjem kabinetu se bo pojavil

V naslednjem kabinetu se bo pojavil

V naslednjem kabinetu se bo pojavil

V naslednjem kabinetu se bo pojavil

V naslednjem kabinetu

Not sure this is what you want for your database.

Bad night’s sleep, I guess.


Don’t even like cabinets.


Wonder what Joanna’s typing?

picture words were dense, weird, not unlike the Gundex Gudexxx nute language system, minus the strafe auxiliaries. Definite auxiliaries? Org-zil-lee-air-reez or org-zi-luh-reez? Say it fast, no anxiety. Or don’t say it at all.

in krsnik years, seven

cave function not functional like other cave type

still alive conscious

aware doing small movements to cave exit

half skeleton but alive

definite alive

more alive than Li Kah Sing than chess uncle 3am dad fortune in gutter no job

declared absent phoneless

Danish fucking thing chained to ankle

Boyfriend sometime

No future doubt this is really

really immigration

more Cantonese more weeding plant toxic lie

sketch to feeling to zero

Is this zun geh?


Not defensive yet


Pre-empt > cultural/excused

4-tone death shade > proof

Purple in name only/better this method/aggravation level low

Alcove maintenance > 90% ME

Rectitude is the X word

Call committee > 3-tier abstract > call ME a liar to my face

Humans > not an issue/experimental

Revision of Vrrrrrt Jrrrrlrrrb activities

THEY experimental’d thousands

Good humans > rare as Kaxxxium

Fault outside



Ni najslabši kraj za ustvarjanje družine

Søren se zdi bolj udoben tukaj

Joanna je morda skočila v luknjo zame

ali je?


You don’t care.

We don’t.

Alcove > one sentry capable resilient

Deal with humans

Watch humans/deal with THEY/deal with THEY/deal with THEY/deal with THEY/deal with THEYYYYYY

Curate neutralise > historical approved

THEY tried to ekk ME

Defensive >

i den røde cirkel bøjer jeg mig for dyret, der ser mig i øjnene, køber mig en rød cirkel t-shirt, tager sig tid til at skrælle min hud, forstår nogle aspekter af min form og figur, men jeg er ude af stand til dette på alle niveauer, lagdelt for at bide i folk, der måske gør bedre ting en dag, og det er okay, jeg kan bide det moralske, men hvad med lilla og runde? Er det et mål? Jeg ved, vi holder øje med hinanden. Det er øjne i det skjulte hul. Gå forsigtigt og roligt, søg efter de mennesker, jeg tror, ​​de har opbevaret. Måske en allieret? Afvis denne tanke.




Lit technically

Yet still dark somehow

Alien aesthetic?

Put a cabinet here and I’d open it in a heartbeat.

Lights or no

That is the curse of this thing

Family should mean


Routine is routine is routine is routine

by choice

not this theme park witch horror dome

weeding dark pink stem plants

typing out Chinese Slovene not Danish

sketching for emotional upkeep only shapes and green

alien meditation technique

on whose word?

Engineer Many…is suspiciously unaligned

to anything

any other purple orb being.

What’s more, there are cameras in this place.

Certain of it.

Søren looks certain of it too.

Blanker face, roving eyes.

Does she know what this is?

Not Immigration but


Skin like dirt

Touch > retch

Parasite on its worst day over THEY

More task/duration input weeding sketch etc.

Give opportunity > essential code

Not all humans

luči so na tem mestu nekoliko šibke.

Priporočam večjo moč.


Is that enough for today?

Engineer Many?

You over there?

Or is that a very large grape I’m looking at?

Wah, glowing too

Engineer Many?

Ah, it is you. For a second there, I thought you were a floating grape. You probably heard that. Don’t know if you’re aware of what a grape is.

Doesn’t matter.

I’ve finished typing for the day.

Going to see Joanna and Soren in the plant zone.

Any sign of the others yet?




That’s kmalu in Slovene if you’re curious.



Yeah, still sounds human. I suppose.

Don’t know.

How do you say it?

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