[Destiny] Chapter 54: Purple Ruin


zakaj je skočila v luknjo?

za ljubezen?


Long pauses were objectively frowned upon, but Sila stopped anyway, staring into the pale green orb he was inputting Slovene into, trying to make sense of his own questions.

Those three weeks, was she lonely?

A gradual slide into it, or an attempt to lift up out of it?

Was it a knowing slide?

Had she really wanted to fuck last night or was it simply programmatic? A solitude reflex?

She sucked me off, I licked a bit, came inside her, that didn’t happen before. That meant something. But then she put the pillow over her face when I was inside her. Made some moaning noises, not very convincing.

Talked afterwards.

What is this place, when are the others coming, what’s with the toxic plant and language inputting, it’s kind of like an Ernst-designed prison, the usual stuff.

A sharp flash of green, followed by that odd vibration on the inside of his eye sockets.

Sila refocused, typed out more Slovene.

Glanced at Joanna’s reflection in the haze of his input orb.

She wasn’t far, just a few feet away, swiping something something something in Cantonese.

He squinted, trying to read the impossible.

And even if he could make out the words, he wouldn’t know what they meant. Or what was actually a word. One character or two? Demarcated by what punctuation? A comma?

It was beyond him

Beyond Fulci too.

But not Engineer Many and his amazing translation machine.

Which, when he actually took off the alien gloss and thought about it, wasn’t that amazing. Nothing that google translate couldn’t do too.

Maybe a little better at idioms, but

Another flash of green, another subtle purr of his eyes.

He turned back to his own language, typing out ‘probably thinking how to get out of immigration before the cops come.’

Then, ‘what the hell is that forcefield doing to Søren’s head? Why the pulsating drill sound every minute or so?’

Right on cue, the sound struck again, his own orb buffering a little as the lights dimmed and the whole room gave off the faint vibe of a Cold War fallout shelter.

Then things steadied and

from her mid-air perch in the centre of the room

Søren muttered something in old Danish.

Or old Demon.

A mythological version of my fucking head hurts.

‘What is that thing doing to my miracle daughter?’ he typed in Slovene, shifting his legs as he did it and chancing a look at the little blonde thing strung up ropeless in the dark pink light field.


‘According to Engineer Many…or EM…it’s not intrusive,’ said Sila later, as both he and Joanna swerved another zig-zag corner on the maze-like terrain of the immigration roof. ‘Just an alternative way of extracting the knowledge inside her brain. Cos she won’t type anything in the language input orbs. Don’t know if I totally believe it though. That drill sound is pretty sinister.’

Joanna bit at her own top lip, then took his sleeve and pulled him onto the end curve of the track they were walking, the same track they had been instructed to walk four times each day, apparently to maintain their physical condition.

‘But then, she doesn’t seem to mind going in there…into the light field thing. So it can’t be that bad. Can’t be harming her at least. Unless it has some kind of hypnotic element to it.’

The curve grew zig-zags turns again, forcing them to pay more attention to where their bare feet were treading.

Luckily, the floor was sponge-like, with no sign of stray pebbles or cut glass to injure them.

‘I guess it doesn’t matter really. The other orbs will turn up soon.’

Joanna stopped, one foot on the track, the other on blood red grass.

‘What is it?’

‘Feels like a prison.’

‘The roof?’

‘In the movies, where they do exercise in the yard. And the sky…it’s different. Sometimes there are three moons, other times, only two.’

‘Could be orbital irregularity or something.’

‘And the dorm, at night time. I’m sure EM was watching us last night. While we were having sex.’

‘Is that why you put the pillow over your face?’

‘The whole place, this scenario. Doesn’t feel right. Like the entire planet is fake somehow.’

‘Background scenery does look a bit matte.’

Joanna took her foot off the blood red grass and started walking on the track again.

‘But ja, doesn’t matter either way. We’re stuck here until the others arrive, pretty much. Which isn’t the worst thing in the world. This world. At least EM’s not eating us or anything. Or sticking probes up our ass.’

‘EM the Considerate,’ Joanna mumbled, eyes on the possible matte construction in the distance, then on the three moons faintly sketched onto the hazy pink sky.


Don’t draw a cabinet

Don’t draw a cabinet

Don’t draw a cabinet

Don’t draw a dark shape coming out of a cabinet

Don’t draw a dark shape with glowing green eyes coming out of a cabinet

Don’t draw a

Sila stopped, black pen hovering.

The sheen of clear particles that functioned in an almost identical fashion to a regular white board sat below, waiting patiently to be ruined.

Green shapes, black shapes, any combination, any placement.

To release and display feeling.

On some sub sub sub sub level of consciousness that Jung probably thought was ancient Sumerian.

Don’t think, just sketch.

Those were Engineer Many’s words before the start of each session. That and nothing else. No explanation of the psychology behind the task. Not even a remark to patronise them, like, ‘it’s too advanced for humans to comprehend.’

Don’t think, just sketch.

Don’t think, just input Slovene.

Don’t think, just cut weeds off this toxic plant.

Don’t think, just lie down, fuck each other.

While I secretly watch.

Sila shivered, then laughed as he pictured EM in a raincoat, peeking through a peep hole in a painting of Count Kurzs-

No, not him.

Not that.

Tapping the nib of the pen against the haze, Sila focused on sketch sketch sketch and finally forced something out.

Opposite him, Joanna did her own work, her mind as far from what her hand was doing as it could possibly be.

Another day, no other orbs, escape.

Fuck EM and their assurances.

Fuck the dark blur that should be walls.

Fuck Sila to close things in.

Fuck sketching.

The word pulled her back, eyes outlining the form of her hand as it coloured in the baby square on the left hand side of the haze.

Between them, canvas visible to both Slovene and Chinese, Søren scribbled frantic, like a dervish with a whirl amplifier, eyes glowing, mouth agape

sharp points of teeth showing

teeth, fangs


the image all black and no green.

Finally, she stopped, stepped back and threw the pen away into the shadows.

‘… … … … …’

Sila and Joanna closed in from the flanks, tilting their heads to try and spot hidden motifs or messages.

‘Probably just random,’ said Sila, putting his head back to a normal position.

‘Primal,’ said Joanna, still tilted.


Afternoon, eternal without curtains

Quarantine mist before entry.

Entry to arboretum with only one type of plant.

Clip the weeds that appear intermittently, Engineer Many had instructed Sila on day two, and Sila had passed on to Joanna on day twenty.

Ignore the fumes.

Quarantine mist before exit.

Back to dorm.

‘Weird place to put a plant farm,’ said Sila, staring out at the pink sky and then down at the dirt about five floors below.

‘It’s a distraction,’ replied Joanna, clipping a weed off a dark pink stem.

‘From what?’

‘Other distractions.’

‘That doesn’t make sense.’

Joanna held up the weed she’d clipped, face stoic as it withered in miniature spirals.

‘Okay. One more day and I’ll ask again.’

‘Questions are for liberals.’

‘Ask firmly.’

‘Cult liberals.’

‘Until then, we just…keep going. Do what EM says.’



The dorm was windowless, no access to the pink sky, the alien visuals, which was an odd relief to Sila and Joanna as they couldn’t be confronted with that tone of reality continuously, there has to be some aspect of human norm and

despite the fringe shadow tint on every single side

that was the role the dorm performed

with bonus marks for the consoles near the hover-bunks.

‘I wonder what they do,’ asked Sila to Joanna, then to the back of Søren as she wandered off into the dark surroundings. ‘She’s away again.’

‘Into another abyss,’ muttered Joanna, shifting backwards on the bunk.

‘Could probably draw a map of the whole complex if we asked her nicely.’

‘More likely a black scribble.’

‘Ja, that was weird.’

‘Is she gone?’

Sila checked on the last seen location and mumbled a ja back. Then looked down at the duvet lump pushing backwards into his groin.

‘Another signal?’

Joanna responded by reaching her hand back and fumbling around until she got hold of him.

‘I guess so.’

Sinking down under the duvet, he hooked under her ass and pushed upwards, then moved his hands over her stomach, chest, neck, back down and inside, lasting only a few seconds before both of them were pulling off their immigration-base standard convict pants.

Compared to the previous night, it was a slower, more deliberate fuck, with Sila pulling out and holding himself at the cusp before pushing in again.

There were words too, not conversation, but more than just two shapes grunting and moaning and watching another smaller shape slide in and out of the other.

‘First human couple to fuck on an alien world,’ Sila said, pushing in again, laughing as Joanna edited it to alien prison.

After a few more thrusts, they stopped and shifted position, Joanna pulling Sila on top and then telling him to lean on his arms as she wanted to see him go inside her.

‘Along the top more,’ she added, putting her fingers down and touching his stem as it went in.

Another few minutes of fast-slow-fast-faster and it was done, Joanna telling him to cum inside again and Sila doing just that.

‘Sorry,’ he said, leaning down to kiss her sideys, her lips, her neck, her breasts. ‘For dragging you into an alien dimension.’

‘Alien prison,’ Joanna corrected, fingers still flicking at the base of his slowly-wilting dick.

Muttering back prison-stroke-immigration, Sila pulled out and rubbed her clit with a tired index finger, then almost collapsed like a drunk on top of her when he caught the abrupt sound of familiar humming somewhere behind.

‘I am here,’ Engineer Many announced, performing a small vertical loop manoeuvre, possibly to emphasise the point.

Grabbing the duvet in one hand, Sila threw it quickly over Joanna’s thighs, then dived in proper and spread it across the rest of her body too, ignoring her complaint that she was already trying to do it herself.

‘Stay calm,’ the alien warden said, glowing a brighter shade of purple on its left hemisphere.

‘What is this?’ asked Joanna, pulling some of the duvet out of Sila’s grip.

‘Ja, how long have you been hovering there?’

‘Please, I have a special task for you both.’


‘The pole to the left side of your bunk. Take it, comrade Sila, and put it inside comrade Joanna’s cunt.’

Sila tried to play the words back, his hand still covering the fringes of Joanna’s skin, while the prospective Chinese pole storage unit rolled left and looked over the side of the bed.

The purple sleaze was right, there was a pole down there, about ten feet long, unsurvivable to anything except perhaps a female yeti.

‘Within the next minute,’ Engineer Many added, floating upwards and right until it was parked directly over the bed.

‘No,’ replied Sila, shifting his dick off his thigh as it started to leak residue cum.

‘In that case, comrade Joanna, take the pole and feed it into comrade Sila’s anus. There is a jar of loosening cream beside the pole if the rim is too tight or dry.’

‘I’m going to sleep,’ she replied, returning to the middle of the bed and putting the duvet over her head.

‘Pole first, comrade.’

‘Do it yourself.’

‘That is not possible. Do not close your eyes. One of you must pick up the pole and insert it into the other. For pleasure.’

The duvet over Joanna’s head creased a little as she rotated left, not technically facing away from Engineer Many but not inviting further words either.

Sila, meanwhile, dangled a foot and rolled the pole across to the other side of the dorm. Perhaps hitting the wall, there was no way to tell as the light over that side was too dim to see anything.

‘We’re both tired,’ he said, falling back onto the free side of the bed.

‘Tomorrow then, comrades.’

‘What, the pole thing? No way. And…I know this is your place, and we’re guests here…and we’re grateful for all the hospitality…but it’d be nice to have some privacy. If that’s okay?’

‘I did not watch you mate.’

‘Err, well…not turning up at the end would be nice too. Just…at night time…you can leave us to our own devices. Let us rest a bit. Until the other orbs come.’

Engineer Many flashed four streaks of egregious purple onto the bed and the wall behind and then hovered there, retrograde, enervated, meditative, truculent, all four or none of the above

a calm, even shade of lilac

no eyes but watching

until both human heads were under the duvet and

out of the shadows

the murk acting as the far wall

the blonde demon miniature appeared, stationary, watching the purple warden as reflection.

‘You should sleep too,’ said Engineer Many, elevating its position slightly

but Søren made no move to her own bunk

and no attempt at a reply

she simply continued to stand there, propped up by an invisible totem, eyes half on Engineer Many, half on the ten foot pole, and another, ineffable half on the purple within

the whim sector.

‘As you feel,’ said Engineer Many, closing the book and rising up into the ceiling-less mass, its lilac glow diluted tone by tone until the darkness was mono again.

‘They gone?’ asked Sila, lifting up a bit of the duvet and flinching when Søren’s face appeared two feet in front of him.

‘… … … …’ she replied in old Danish, lifting up the middle part of the cover and studying the naked figures stretched out and

to Sila’s relief

dropping the duvet and slinking off into the dark

heading god knows where

under god knows what surveillance tech.

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