Permanent Neon Ostracist


brother can you spare a diode?

a chalice?

pink nail for the robot hand?


sorella you’re leaking

generically so


otac please

not corduroy-themed




half the nation felt wretched after Countryfile

you will too


sin king and sank

dorm ant and done

put on sunglass and how

why what?


triple-slit but make the hole bigger

quantum when physicians call

suspekt EK

EK  X  X

XX XX X   X    EKs


tell us boy

tell us what you wanna do

before dilating

before buying out WordPress

before the end of the thirteenth quarter

before lore

before Jeff Fahey slides up through that manhole

before Titan Camp 7

before attributes of any kind


seems like a nice boss


mind recalcitrant

whistling noise in nostril that still works

dick on the next bus out of here

we’re not pulling them all the way up the hill, are you?




koala sprinting for the very first time

no god, no politics, no ideals




futurist glee in the lithium mine

on the crane jib

at the muck-packing plant

in cracks between the cooker of our 2 cents an hour hatchet job


abyss flippant

void on the fence

if we knew why they wore overalls we might stand a chance but


plantation tan

apartments just appear

work via magnetism

time is the way of measuring philosophy books you’ve looked at

seen the covers of

felt cold around


four feet two

depressingly arch


did not know what a pine was


covert hanging out at Beatty’s favourite titty joint


Okay, okay, okay, okay

spin it any way you want in Indonese

hire soy kids at the sweat-shop

chip-on-shoulder desk cops

bots that bite




Catdog cut-out in the breakroom

lucky stab dental plan

comrades blanched plus bendy

paid gravity sync

free air

tight pink leash on Ronny Cox stan

poster of Kirkjufell

subsidised trips to Kwik Sav-




Cyril Sneer gets up at 4am most days

pisses on the linoleum

watches FOX with the horsewhip out

practises Adelson face

3 volumes of Capital, 3 volumes of Capital, 3 volumes of

no one works harder than a plaything




Slippery Magneto Mensch

working 5 hour year as slumlord

rest of time bending fork

other time floating bit bit bit up night time fisting Charles day time a positivist down time jejune bonus time sitting in chess park gawping at horse wishing some of his crotch were metal time beyond that time watching old episodes of Monk borrowed time slicing up bits of Thus Spoke

so many bars to hit after nihilism

I can’t get it up.

I’ll get it up


every near death lava escapade

drives your arcology


renovate one block of South Side, tut at the rest


Bette Davis

knew this day would come

and when it did

canal friendly



sorta abject space yacht

bedsheets made from real elepha-




wishy washy WASP man

typing out slow

Dr King would’ve hated…


purple cloud over post office

intercepted by atavism


days and days and days and more days of Disney Club emcees

dead by 20


for those who glare at machinery


inspecting her own stake

wondering why she didn’t just flip astrology

like a good object-construct



 good-looking seed

skip town with seed bag


free Łuszczewska

rotate corpse on a cake stand

decorate skull with Plath quotes

sandblast things that want it

corral better performers than yourself

into playing Lear deadpan


maximum kvetch

by 2042


spiral up into debt

interrogate savings account

cling to ankles of friend who might get somewhere


deny Beckett everything

assume his French was shit




Kollontai shoe

Goldman coffee cup

Lenin pyjamas

Althusser toothbrush


something can’t come from nothing unless nothing’s got pecs

dot with white hole credentials

fishfinger in a koi pool


ja nothing but geneticists at the dabo wheel

happy yet?

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