Gawp Kollontai


gone is euphoric

her body destroyed by


liar, his ship nowhere to be seen

co-optic redware


if HE can dance to it

not a real leer


but // BUT

façade of satisfaction at properly dressed Rei


12 is her age

and that’s that

11 if she’s read Nin

10 if she feels 12

9 if


she came

alongside carry that weight monologue




Kool Killer bored


in the midst of HER kitschiest witch sabbath


dark core for beach-a-thon ep

shoelace untied

schematics on knee-high desk

ceiling-eye bath shot

abject in the sense of


SHE, torrefied


doesn’t always go the way you think she will won’t whine at you direct/ menstruate overt / dress for cold / cruise beyond ideas you scrape at

no name drop

no Hegel

no Bookchin

no ekpha- ekphrac- ekf- ekphras real

fear of own sex drive tit is tit cunt is cunt clit is casino fun trip smoke swear fly well but not as well as he does geared to fuck suck hang blow yet never Zasulich never pillow prop leaning static coy on back caustic to bigger men funny whip smart distant

 that’s why you follow her



spectacle is all over

flush with bright yellow hot pants


it’s women

written by women

loving MEN

raised on Meyer-milked titty shots


see what we bring is anxiety contradiction truth

HER muff in the wild

as is

watched by ten inch dick with telescope


on ship and off

business thrives in HIS ruin zone



OUR almost unstoppable attitude

creates H in Hauntology

floundering, bereft of


time to go home and spawn

with almost nothing to matte in the background


Blue skin, Bukharin grin?


Nu nu nu nu NO

the scene has changed fundamentally



mage with abs AND library skills


housewife dream in tatters

thanks to YOUR dick pump vitiation arc



Pollyanna Pot

garrottes twelve men

fucks back from the gym Kojima stan in Cyber Port



deceive and are deceived and will deceive and might deceive and can deceive if we are deceived Swedish enough to still deceive

fractally invested in


YOUR new princess


stripped to the core

hiding in helium pools from



saddled with joyous amount of debt

black lung

monster in gratitude

exit eye

much more delicate interior beyond




at nestling behind tits on coma bed


at where nipples might be


no real synonym for tits

breasts too medical

themselves a form of object-reality, bordering on


one lonely snitch

reincarnated as sexless witch hunt


what better way to combat base depression than with open field work


streams of sexy beggar pics

solidarity chat

rampant boardroom astrology

white on white crime

escalator rap

in opening up to women access to every sphere of creative activity, our state has simultaneously ensured all the conditions necessary for her to fulfil her natural obligation – that of being a mother bringing up her children and mistress of her

standoffish clit farm, producing


temples and temples of proud wanking monks

exposure in lieu of


Kristeva cipher

persuades Shinji to pilot Unit 01 one more time

before sucking dick clean off



just a slovenly hentai mum glitch

like ME


Baudri Land

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