Blue Eagles 4 Ever [inspired by NES version of Probotector/Contra]


Left, left, up, up…

Up, up, down, down, right, left, select, start, down…

Left, left, down, down, start, select…

Left, left, up, down, select, start, A, B, left, right, left…

Up, up, down, down, right, up…

Fuck it.

I leave the gun on the table and focus on my half-drawn poster. It’s not bad, so far. Blood’s a little pink, but not enough to infantilise it. And the building looks good. Imposing. Strong. No one would guess it’s meant to be Ljubljana. At least, I don’t think they would.

Slavoj might’ve, I suppose…if he’d seen the marking on the side of the…on the side of the building.

Would he?

Ne vem.

I get up and walk around the room, looking at the four hundred odd other posters pinned next to and on top of each other. Some are so old the colours have faded, others so new they look like cartoons. None are distinctive enough to stay in my head.

I finish a lap then do another.

I think of the planet below.


Killing vipes.

It’s been almost five hours.

Eight and a half is the record, and that was…when?

Six months ago?


I look over at Gaspar’s calendar poster. The lines are still blurry. Far as I can tell, the month says June and the year says 2824. Wasn’t June gone already? Continue reading