Mum Raa searching for ryokans + peace in Kyushu


The search for non-touristy ryokans in Kyushu was tough for Mum-raa cos he/she/it never read reviews


when he/she/it did accidentally they were never trusted cos he/she/it didn’t know who glassslipper27 really was and his/her/its henchmen [ex-henchmen] couldn’t hear any good or bad about them no matter how many times they smashed the funny-looking robot with letters that were not the same letters they learnt as a kid.

What was an acer?

Mum-raa knew but he/she/it was not telling.

not telling the henchmen

they were too malleable, both ways,

and besides, Mum-Raa was

too busy staring at pictures of the island volcano that everyone else in Japan seemed to ignore.

Good base, good slope, hard for hybrids to attack unless they had plot on their side.

Fucking lion looking cunt fucker ugly spotty little

Mum-raa bookmarked the island volcano with ‘potential home’ in his/her/its own language and moved back to ryokans cos he/she/it couldn’t sleep on the street, it was too dirty.

The site looked dated, like wordpress, but could still function

There were still pictures with 1980’s Japanese faces

It was something Continue reading