Quantum Hitler


A quickie showing what might’ve happened if Hitler had been replaced by an alternate Hitler who was a little more Quantum…


In 2247, a secret science experiment conducted in the desert near Almeria, Spain created a quantum rip in the space quantum continuum and the Hitler from an alternative 1923 found himself face to face with the Hitler from the 1923 we know of.

Despite identical faces and the vortex above their heads, they didn’t shoot each other.

‘Are we the same?’ Quantum Hitler asked, dusting off his jacket.


‘What year is it?’


‘What are you doing?’

‘Planning a putsch.’

‘A putsch? No, wait, you can’t. I just stopped…’

‘It’ll be glorious.’


Quantum Hitler moved in with his twin and tried for many months to talk him out of his putsch.

It was not easy.

‘Don’t do it, Ado…it’s completely unnecessary.’

‘It’s not.’

‘You’ll be arrested.’

‘I’ll be a martyr.’

‘No, not killed, arrested. They’ll put you in prison and everyone will forget about you.’

‘I’ll be a prison martyr.’ Continue reading