[Destiny] Chapter 57: Dracula, Minus The Mist


[Author’s Note]

After just over a year and 57 chapters, this serial has finally reached an end.

Could probably go on for another 100 or so chapters – you can pretty much make drama out of anything if you put your brain to it – but this feels like the right place to stop.

Just like in Destiny [the Fritz Lang film], character decisions have been made. But no arcs cos I don’t really believe in them. Both Sila and Joanna could regress at any moment. Follow a dark mood or a charitable one. Like any of us.

Hopefully, the plot/character actions weren’t too explicit. I did model it on films like Spirit of The Beehive where a lot of things are left unsaid. Gotta pay attention to details, work a little bit as a reader. And me as a writer. Some chapters really took me to the brink, especially the alien planet parts. How do you make something feel genuinely alien? By drawing black squares, obviously.

Future-wise, I’ll go back through and edit everything and then put the whole 173,000 word novel up as a free PDF. At some point. I have a feeling the early chapters need some trimming. The manic flow of the thing has to be sorted out too, don’t want it to be too exhausting, and it should only shoot off in frenetic directions at the right times. I’m pretty sure that isn’t the case as it stands right now.

Quite a bit to do then.

In the meantime, there’s still Void Galaxia, the other serial on the site.

A mix of sci-fi and experimental. Or experimental hidden in the costume of a sci-fi serial. It’s up to Chapter 31 at the moment, which is around halfway, and the second half is by far my favourite.

And in 2023, another serial…Dah Station 7. That one could run on for hundreds of chapters as it’s my Star Trek analogue. 27 chapters already written. 5 volumes outlined.

Also, I’m not much of a self-promoter, but all of my books are on this site, with a free PDF to read if you don’t have the cash to buy the paperback.

For sci-fi, try Planet Rasputin.

For pure lunacy, try KRV.

For sleaze and castle dynamics, try Castle Damijana.

For bleak/blunt autofiction, try Charcoal.

Thanks to anyone who made it this far.



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