Cam2Cam / Darknet / Pervs on the internet [thoughts + spoilers]


Film: Cam 2 Cam / Darknet / Pervs on the internet [depends which country you’re in]

Setting: Bangkok, Thailand

Cast: American woman [Tammin Sursok], French woman [Sarah Bonrepaux], British man [Ben Wiggins], Thai pervert

Director: Ex Pat [Joel Soisson]

Plot: An American woman with big calves and backpack checks into a shitty Bangkok apartment. Someone tells her a girl got her head cut off in the same apartment a few weeks earlier and she doesn’t even blink. After looking at some of the slum buildings outside, she logs onto a sleazy website recommended to her by a French woman staying in the same block. Sleazy things happen, but not to her, she just watches. Some people die. Is the website cursed? Or is it just a guy pretending to be a woman and stalking gullible prey?

Subplot: A Thai hotel manager ignores the mounting bills and failing economy by sleeping 23/7 on a chair in his office. To make the hour he’s awake bearable he breaks into the apartments and feels up the guests.

Note: Make sure you’ve seen the film before you read this, because I will talk about pretty much everything.


Is the internet scary?

It can be. After all, you never know who’s really hiding behind that Hugh Jackman avatar.

Are the people behind the Hugh Jackman avatars scary?

No, not really, because they’re human.

I’ve said this before and I still believe it’s true. Take the mask or the anonymity away from the killer and you’re cutting the legs off your horror film.

Cam 2 Cam does this in the first fifteen minutes – a woman [alone in a Bangkok apartment] talks to what she thinks is a woman online. She is goaded into turning on her cam, does so, but doesn’t do anything else. The other woman starts stripping to get her in the mood, never showing her face, and continues typing even though she’s apparently stripping. Suspicious, the woman shuts down the conversation and pulls the screen of her laptop down, as if that will make a difference. Then there’s a knock at the door and…it’s the friendly, sweaty pervert from upstairs, who turns out to be the stripper, and further turns out to be out of his fucking tree. Continue reading