Guinea Pig 2: Flowers Of Flesh And Blood // Alex Kies


When I grow up, I want to buy a car and go driving. I’ll stop at a restaurant and eat some curry rice or something. I might even visit my relatives.

It is very sad that people who were born with such disabilities have their lives greatly influenced by their disabilities.

He wanted to reincarnate his grandfather and believed that this reincarnation would not be complete if any of his grandfather’s body remained.

Children who say things like that will end up like this.

His penis is no thicker than a pencil and no longer than a toothpick.

Otaku are anti-somatic. Information is their only drug, but that they preferably take intravenously.

If I tried to talk to my parents about my problems, they’d just brush me off…I even thought about suicide.

They are no drop-outs, but part-time outsiders.

It would roughly translate to ‘sweet little pretender’ or if you interpret it sarcastically you could also say ‘fucking little liar’…

I’ve killed cats. Threw one in the river. Did another in with boiling water.

He’s perfectly happy. He is allowed to read comic books all day.

I wonder whether otaku will create a new culture…I hope they will become a real shinjinrui, a new kind of Japanese, I mean, a postmodern people.

I sleep until my eyes are about to rot. I see dreams.

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