gupter 16 cover 5

The pic above is the zine we do at zizek press

But now we’re doing a new one here.

It’s a…

Tri-monthly horror/dark sci-fi/bizarro zine that will be unlike any other magazine you’ve ever read [unless you go to zine shops a lot, in which case, it probably isn’t]. For an idea of what I’m talking about, read the last zine we did here.

The first issue of PSYCHO HOLOSUITE will be available in print zine and e-zine on March 15th  May 1st …October 25th, 2015. [We’re gonna wait for reviews to be done before releasing]

Here’s a pic of the cover by Soren Melville to keep you going:

psycho holosuite7-2

It will be better than both ‘Monster Dog’ and ‘Angela Queen of the Demons.’

In the meantime, we’ll put new stuff on this site as often as we can, hopefully 2-3 times a week if we get enough contributors.

Contact: zizekpress@gmail.com

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