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Psycho Holosuite #Issue 1

Image of Psycho Holosuite Issue 1

We’ve done 16 issues of Gupter Puncher [most of which are available for free here], but this is the first one we’ve done that’s for sale and the first one where we’ve really embraced sci-fi.

Issue 1 has:

– fiction about immortality and cinemas by Berit Ellingsen
– Ray Bradbury misquotes
– a story about a hybrid destined for Mars by Frankie Sachs
– a great cover by Soren Melville
– adaptation of old German zombie story called ‘Meret’ by Thomas Stolperer
– Fake notes on the Freddy films by me pretending to be Robert Englund
– Chapter 7 of Automatic Assassin by Marc Horne
– Thoughts + half-assed analysis of Masque of the Red Death starring Vincent Price, as well as It Follows and the Town that Dreaded Sundown
– a bizarro poem called ‘Barely Riker’ by Tyson Bley
– Other stuff

If you want a copy, e-mail us and we’ll see if there are any left.

Or get the stripped down e-version [by stripped down, I mean a lot of the images had to be sacrificed to fit with the kindle formatting guide] here on amazon[UK] or amazon[US]

In the Real World

You can go to any one of these stores/shops/places and buy a print copy of our zine, though you better be quick as some of them only have 5 copies:

Atomic Books [Baltimore]

World famous zine store [one of the only places that features on all zine + small press distribution lists]. They’ll give any zine a shot, even a bizarro sci-fi horror thing from Hong Kong.

Sticky Institute [Melbourne]

It’s in the subway and quite small, but there are zines hanging in the window so you shouldn’t really be able to miss it.

If you wanna know more about Sticky, read this interview

Housman’s [London]

As old as the Sumerians, this info shop is just round the corner from King’s Cross and has a big yellow sign. Their selection is huge and has everything, every possible ‘ism’, so you could spend at least three weeks in there.

For more info, try this

The Coming Society [Hong Kong]

They’re quite hard to find, but give them credit for trying to open up a zine/bookshop in Hong Kong. Actually, their zine collection is pretty small, so if you have any zines, give them a try, they need the stock.

More info is here


Quimby’s [Chicago]

A behemoth of a zine store, they probably get about 50 new zines every week so if you can find ours in there somewhere you’ve done well.


Molasses Books [NYC]

I think this place is a used books store, but I’m not sure.

More to come…

Note: if you’re interested in stocking our zine in your store, even if you’re in the North Pole, let us know at