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Using Fritz Lang’s Destiny as a very loose anchor, it’s a picaresque haze crawl across Europe, myth + myth simulacrum, best of all discarded worlds, includes: Slovene Quixote, Asaji in morning light, Krsnik, Cantonese, aswang intrigue, spine demons, ferry succubus, ennui, mania, delusion, sex under a Querelle poster.

Starts with a Slovene guy [plus green knife] talking to a locked cabinet and unravels from there…

It’s pretty long, around 700 pages. Started Chapter One in 2014, left it for a long while then came back to it two years ago [2021] and turned it into something much more unwieldy.

Special mention to Soren Haxan and his brilliant King of Knives, which served as spiritual inspiration for chapters 8-13.

There’s no paperback for this, so you can read the PDF here for free [or click on the zine-like cover above]



Earth in the shallows of the 22nd Century where viable tokamaks have liberated all [well, most].

On the face of things, Slovenia is part of an alliance of predominantly anarcho-communist nations, but in truth it’s been co-opted by Potočnik, a crypto-tyrant with purple eyes. He dumps Sila, his friend Chu, his ex-friend Gašper, the physicist Nakagami, the militant Aleša and five other dissidents on a [prototype] ship and sends them off on a Mission of Progress; to develop a potential base on Mars.

The ship has strict rules: No out-going messages, no inter-crew communication longer than four hours each day, and no entertainment.

Can Sila & co. convince the ships AI to turn the ship round and ram bridge-first into Potočnik’s HQ?

Will Rasputin turn up at some point?

Cover is done by the artist chained to my wrist, Soren, over at corpsehaus

This is my attempt at a sci-fi epic with anarcho-communist undertones [or just outright tones, really]. A bit of absurdism thrown in too, mostly to cover my weak science.

You can buy the paperback here but it’s quite expensive so you can also read the PDF version for free


KRV wrap 1







Trying to adapt a poem with lines like these into a film script while his city gets absorbed by a fascist state, G. struggles in various ways until an instigator turns up, a guy called Ejaz who claims to be from Planet 9 [or its moon] in the year 2289.

At some point, having salt on you counts as an injury.

Setting: Hong Kong, KRV

Includes: portals, anarcho-communism, Slovenian, Cantonese, hostility, pinballing thoughts on Bakunin, DeBord, Deleuze, Sankara, Garak from DS9, Blake’s 7, the way forward etc.

Similar to Pale Fire, minus the pace.

Calculated to seem uncalculated, except for the more enervating parts.


This one is over on Schism Press – you can read the PDF for free or buy the paperback if that’s more your thing.


Castle Damijana


1357: Pedro of Portugal dug up his dead mistress, made her queen, and forced loyal subjects to kiss her hand.

Billy makes a zine that no one reads, and puts it round London. At night he searches for 7 of 9 sex tapes and tries to understand fourth-wave feminist theory. Life stays like this until he gets an e-mail from ‘D’ in Ljubljana, asking him to come to stay. He thinks she’s a nut until she sends him eight grand in spending money. Off he goes, to Ljubljana, to Metelkova, to the outskirts of the city, to a castle on a snowy hill, to Damijana and her typewriter. One of them is a sociopath, can you guess which?

Plot-wise, it’s similar to the Star Trek DS9 episode where Jake Sisko gets yellow energy sucked out of his head by Meg Foster while writing his masterpiece, but this one’s set in Slovenia and is better.

Cover done by the legendary Soren who can be found/hired on corpsehaus

Note: this is a rewrite of an old book I wrote called ‘Ljubljana Witch’ – that one was around 40,000 words, this one is bordering on 100,000 so if you’re one of the few who read the original and thought it was a bit short, you’re in luck.

You can buy the paperback on bookdepository or read the PDF for free



‘Apparently there are three popular ways to kill yourself in Hong Kong.

Throw yourself off a building.
Hang yourself.
Burn charcoal in a sealed room.’

Oli is skirting the abyss but doesn’t want to die.

He wants to live.

And wants a dead Korean model to live too, even if she doesn’t.

This was one of my first books, 110 pages, mostly autofiction, written at some point in 2009.

Blurb sounds a bit wanky reading it back to myself now, but the key points are still there: endurance + black hole depression. Trying to find a way to keep going when your brain turns against you.

Summation: 1st half of the text, bleak, 2nd half, manic fantastical projection.

Cover by a very young Soren Haxan [think he was around 20 at the time].

There’s no paperback version anymore so here’s the PDF for free


Psycho Holosuite Issue 1 by [Oli Johns, Berit Ellingsen, Thomas Stolperer, Frankie Sachs, Tyson Bley, Marc Horne, Soren Melville]


Warning: contains strong language and content, so don’t buy if you’re under 16 years old or found Teenwolf dark and troubling.

Again, cover done by Soren at corpsehaus

Issue 1 has:

– fiction about immortality and cinemas by Berit Ellingsen
– Ray Bradbury misquotes
– fiction about a hybrid destined for Mars by Frankie Sachs
– a great cover by Soren Haxan
– adaptation of old German zombie story called ‘Meret’ by Thomas Stolperer
– Fake notes on the Freddy films by me pretending to be Robert Englund
– Chapter 7 of Automatic Assassin by Marc Horne
– Thoughts + half-assed analysis of Masque of the Red Death starring Vincent Price, as well as It Follows and the Town that Dreaded Sundown
– bizarro poem called ‘Barely Riker’ by Tyson Bley
– Other stuff

If you want a physical zine copy then email and I’ll see if I can mail one to you [there’s still a few left as of Feb 2021].

At some point there will be an issue 2, not sure when…





A short[ish] picaresque novel where the picaro is everyone else.

The main character, Noble Wu, tries her best.

She’s a Left Wing Robot

Then a Right Wing Robot

Then Left again

With 80% programmed memory and 20% left to her own future experiences.

She starts in Cuba and travels to:


Hong Kong






Mostly in confusion as she deals with different forms of left politics [Marxist-Leninist, Essentialist, Hoxhaist, Chuist, defeatist, Cedric Sneerist] as well as the cynical middle and a faux-syndicalist new right that has somehow trained itself to say ‘trade union’ without retching.

Of course, my own position [Anarcho-Communist, from within the beast] is left untouched and spotless.



Near future Baudrillardian void scape in the costume of a trash sci-fi serial about a Japanese student getting a brain swap and ending up in the gravity well of a fatigued alien puppet master who may or may not be a villain might even be something beyond it.

Big focus on concept of hauntological drift.

All chapters already available on this site, but will do a full final edit soon and have the finished piece ready by July/August.

Cover done by me in a trance state.