[Destiny] Chapter 56: Death Is Escalator


This could be the end of the autobahn. At some point it had to be. But there were rat eye headlights in the distance. And no sign of curves or junctions. Not even the chance to turn.

Just a little bit further, said Sila, pocket blonde albatross perched on his shoulders.

To Ljubljana, she replied.

If we’re lucky, the doors to the cabinet factory will be unlocked.

If it’s still there.

Cabinets too.

The autobahn continued. The headlights became tiger eyes became squid eyes became Cthulhu eyes became godhead. The child demon pretended to slip, as an excuse to dig nails into Sila’s chest. He refused to say ouch. Called her a challenging daughter instead. Challenging yet ethereal. Worth it five times over.

Five times over the rim of Hell, she thought.

But didn’t say out loud.

The autobahn narrowed, coloured itself in.

Ja, this pink slime is completely normal, Sila explained, pointing Søren’s arm towards the gutters at the side of the road.

Castle must be nearby, answered Joanna.

Albeit a darker tone than expected.

Not that I want to go up there.

Are you still cold?

But I probably should. Just for old time’s sake. To see the Argento red wall.

Here, take the duvet back.

The tree where you…

No, it’s gone, hasn’t it? I forgot. Never mind, I’ll buy you a new one when we get to Brasov. Assuming they have bedding shops.

I feel cold.

Cabinet factory, stab professor, train, tomorrow morning Brasov. Bedding shop. Bedding.

Joanna pulled her arms in tight. Slipped the fingers inside her skin and hugged herself. In the gutter, the pink slime expanded, called out to her. Whispered in unorthodox Cantonese.

Prepare self for object-real.

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