New Release // Fritz Lang’s Destiny


The thing I serialised for over a year on this site has been wrestled into one giant PDF that you can now read for free.

Using Fritz Lang’s Destiny as a very loose anchor, it’s a picaresque haze crawl across Europe, myth + myth simulacrum, best of all discarded worlds, includes: Slovene Quixote, Asaji in morning light, Krsnik, Cantonese, aswang intrigue, spine demons, ferry succubus, ennui, mania, delusion, sex under a Querelle poster.

Starts with a Slovene guy [plus green knife] talking to a locked cabinet and unravels from there…

It’s pretty long, around 700 pages. Started Chapter One in 2014, left it for a long while then came back to it two years ago [2021] and turned it into something much more unwieldy.

Special mention to Soren Haxan and his brilliant King of Knives, which served as spiritual inspiration for chapters 8-13.

At one point, I did think about submitting, but no one’s taking something this long. And I’m not sure it really fits anywhere. Not experimental enough for experimentalists, and too weird/off the rails for mainstream sci-fi/fantasy presses. Never mind, I still have my death loop thing for those guys. And Dranonika for the experimentalists.

To start reading, click on the pic below [cover looks a bit like a zine, I know]: