Blade Runner 2 – do humans dream of natural sheep?


It looks like whichever studio got luckily-associated with the original is going back to the well for another dip.

Who was it? Viacom? Carolco?

No, I think they went bust. Someone else must have the rights now.

Anyway, here are the basics of it:

Cast: Michael Fassbender as a cop who definitely won’t be connected, related to or cloned from the original’s Deckard. Rachel Weisz as a replicant who doesn’t know she’s really human. Michael Shannon as an ordinary replicant gone mad. And, in a nice piece of counter-intuitive casting, Logan Lerman as the 22 year old CEO of the big corporation that makes the replicants. Fucking rich kids.

Director: The Riddler, who else?

Story: Not a huge amount is known apart from the most basic concept: It’s twenty years or so after the original, and Lerman’s father has just been murdered, leaving the company to the precocious little shit. Did Lerman kill his father? Probably. But that doesn’t really matter. The main plot: the huge corporation has found a way to extend the replicants’ life cycles to almost human levels, which means a sea change in human evolution. Parents are choosing to ‘give birth’ to replicants instead of natural kids, mainly due to the increased durability and intelligence of the replicants.

What does this mean for the theme?

It means it’s completely different. No more ‘what does it mean to be human?’ Now it’s ‘what does it mean to be replicant?’ And more than that, it means people no longer wish to be known as human, and everyone under the age of 25 claims to be a replicant. Continue reading