Sonic Death Bot [Serial]


A short[ish] picaresque novel where the picaro is everyone else.

The main character, Noble Wu, tries her best.

She’s a Left Wing Robot

Then a Right Wing Robot

Then Left again

With 80% programmed memory and 20% left to her own future experiences.

She starts in Cuba and travels to:


Hong Kong






Mostly in confusion as she deals with different forms of left politics [Marxist-Leninist, Essentialist, Hoxhaist, Chuist, defeatist, Cedric Sneerist] as well as the cynical middle and a faux-syndicalist new right that has somehow trained itself to say ‘trade union’ without retching.

Of course, my own position [Anarcho-Communist, from within the beast] is left untouched and spotless.


Updates every Monday + Thursday


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