Re-Animator // Evan Isoline



after Re-Animator (1985)


» Inhumation, at a distant and achingly absolute beyond > anything > this fly head will inspect the code > of a nameless content: I am to turn myself into a » human solution to this > crime: forced murder at a distance > feeling > of the sun > up ahead it would be for > a second > make like we are throwing ourselves from the bridge, this shall be for > beauty, for > itself >

» A noose of light around the frame > my humanity a living structure to animate what the > machine designed to eat > will eat in all eternity > mankind > to represent itself in its intention to be the machine > in order to be voracious for the repetition > of death > this charade > what would I wear > this body in this moment of the sun > a bat meat in the high voltage > grid > you will forgive me if > I am the object of my own labor > and eat the sun >

» Doctor, > would you advise injection? > I beg you, have a little mercy. > What? No, no. You’ll do it! You’ll kill him! >

» Doctor! I think he’s comatose, Doctor. I don’t see any signs. > Come, let’s go. > Doctor, his pulse’s failing! > Doctor! How long will he be like this? > Is he dead? > Doctor! > What were you researching?>

» Death >

» The invention of language > became a vehicle for immortality > then it became a prison and I would take this > device and find a means to escape > from the body > in which language imprisoned me > so I asked for a new material to live in >

» The theory is not new >

» My reagent is >

» I knew then and know now > we were in a zone > a pocket of absolute horror > cold feline tongues > add to that the homicidal sex drive of the sun > the protozoon had already walked > within > the molecules of my being, I knew > what I had to do >

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