[De-Con-Struc] Tractatus // Róbert Gál


Text: Tractatus

Author: Róbert Gál

Translator: David Short

Publisher: Schism Press

Additional material: a guide to Wittgenstein/Tractatus that I got from the library as I know zero [atomic facts] about either.

Note: not a philosopher or academic so there will be reaching/misinterpretations.

Bigger Note: like all pieces in the De-Con-Struc series, this is not a review.


There’s no getting this, and I’ll go from there.

0.1 Logic must take care of itself.


I don’t remember the day I died, but it was obviously before I’d had time to be born. And nothing had mattered more to me than that very business of getting myself born. Ideally getting myself born into the me that had been born already, discretely, corpuscle by corpuscle. Born into the ready and waiting, hence painlessly. Not being born, though born already. But what into? Shall we imagine it? Might it not play havoc with the seeming need to have one’s own outer shell, for all that it just keeps on cracking?

Born into one of the wealthiest families in Europe at that time, W’s early life was punctuated by two sibling suicides.

The sense of dying in order to become capable of being born.

Coating for the self.

Beginning of it.

Is that right, R?

Bo    [d]    rn           [ie]       >>>

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