The Many Cabinets of Tom Cruise

Centenary screening of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari in Dublin on Feb ...


Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise





Tom stood in front of the wall, saying his name.



He would’ve stood in front of the mirror instead of the wall, but he couldn’t, someone might walk in. Someone might walk in and tell someone…



So he was in front of the wall.

Tom Cruise

Tom of Cruise

If he squinted hard enough he could picture a reflection…not completely him, but him enough.

Tom Crui-…


Katie sat on the couch watching Colin Farrell get on a bus in Tigerland. She wasn’t really sure, but she thought he was protesting about something.


She picked up the DVD cover, looked at screenshots, but couldn’t figure anything out.

He didn’t want to fight?

She put down the cover and thought about going out.

‘I wanna go out,’ she told the couch.

The front door wasn’t far away, and the bars weren’t that far from the front door, but…

‘Damnit, I wanna go out,’ she told Tigerland Colin, already leaving on the bus.

The front door opened and Tom walked in.

Tom Cruise.


The first time…


God, I’m here with Tom Cruise.


The fourth time…


God, I’m in bed with Tom Cruise…


The three-hundred and twenty-first time…


God, this bed’s small [Pause] I wonder what Josh, James and Michelle are doing? Continue reading