[Void Galaxia] Chapter 51: Museum Of Negativity


Third loop around Engineering

no sign of loose wire

or suicide plaque

yet the ship insisted both were there so

the body kept moving

ignoring the AH-bot cleaning the spanner box

and a little further on found Charlie

who said the loose wire wasn’t that loose anymore

she’d fixed it with Asami’s help, over on Deck Twenty-Seven an hour ago.

‘Where is she now?’

‘I’m going to the Arka Room, you should come too.’


‘Best seat’s by the port window.’

Body backed off and hit the wall and when it turned I saw a poster saying



and to the left lay the snacks table

Sadia and Juana on top, hugging each other, Nick nearby reading Neuro-Maker

pair of floating yellow eyes

Lyotard, Yosh & Baudrillard

everyone watching my form and field and

a voice behind, Asami the Tease, keep going, keep going, keep


‘All of it, Keni, get it in, deeper.’

Vaguely knowing what she meant, I looked down and saw a fifteen-inch dick that was ostensibly attached to my body, pole-hard, going in and out of a pink mannequin’s cunt

metronomic rhythm

fingers stuck in the


‘Armitage announced an eighty-hour stay in Zion. Molly and Case would practice in zero gravity, he said, and acclimatize themselves to working in it.’

The words were both smooth and bizarro, fitting with the blur of slipstream Id and beginnings of the hostel room reforming around me.

I closed one eye. Opened the other.

The neon was gone, thank gods, and so was Lexi.

Replaced by canned audio.

‘He’d found him curled like a cat on a thin pad of temperfoam, naked, apparently asleep, his head orbited by a revolving halo of small, white geometric forms, cubes, spheres, and pyramids.’

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