An Interview with Slavoj Zizekk: Star Trek and the Interpretativism of Race

Star Trek The Original Series Rewatch: “The Ultimate Computer ...


The People’s Recreation Community Cafe is well stocked with people. They’re all looking at books that have been banned on the mainland. The interviewer does the same. He asks the manager if he sells many of these books. Yes, he says. But only 70-80% of them make it back past the border guards.

The interviewer orders some coffee and finds a seat. He takes out his notes and goes through them one more time.

Twenty minutes later, Zizekk arrives, without apology.

Zizekk: Are you my interrogator then?

The interviewer stands up and offers his hand. Zizekk ignores it and sits down, glancing at the interviewer’s notes on the table.

Interviewer: Mr. Zizekk, would you like a drink first?

Zizekk: No, no need for that. I don’t intend to stay long.

The interviewer sits down.

Interviewer: I imagine you have lots of people who want to spend a bit of time with you…hearing your ideas on…

Zizekk: Yes, yes, it’s a common event for me now.

Zizekk rubs his eyes and breathes out like he’s on stage.

Zizekk: I suppose some, like yourself, will write this up as shortness, an abandonment of manners on my part. He came late, gave short replies, seemed irritated, that sort of narrative.

Interviewer: Not at all. I know you’re busy, and you…

Zizekk waves his hand through the air, almost hitting a Chinese guy walking past.

Zizekk: Come on, let’s try on some honesty, shall we? We both know how this whole procedure works, myself a lot better than you do obviously. It’s…the whole charade is…

He seems to lose his bearings, and doesn’t finish the sentence. He looks at the edge of the table instead, touching it with his finger.

Interviewer: Do you mean, myself as a fan, and you as someone who has some kind of…fame already…are you saying this is uneven?

Zizekk: Ha, the second level, I see. Good, good.

Interviewer: Sorry?

Zizekk: The second level of mannered conversation, as outlined by Kapok in his…well, let’s name it for what it is, his polemic on dialogue. Tell me, do you know Kapok, el joven? Continue reading