Hungarian Dracula


Impaling a village of saxons, including priests, kids and mums, and then sik gan fan at a table nearby [alone] is something only the 15th century could find time for, but it’s been done now, everyone knows Vlad, yan yan, everyone, even the guy from the Buffy episode of Dracula played Vlad in a TV movie and if you are gonna write Dracula 2 then it’s better to go Hungarian, oh goh dut.

And 10th century Hungary beats 15th mostly cos it wasn’t really Hungary yet and

the future Hungarians were still doing raids

mostly on Northern Italy as that’s where all the painters

were and the idea of a Hungarian sweeping in from Russia

speaking a language similar to other cold people

e.g. Finland, Estonia, Lithuania

but being secretly otherworldly

is a good one.

So far I’ve found three guys who could play the role of my Drac, they are:




I think I’m leaning towards the last one as he’s the only one who wasn’t a king, he was more like the Hand, yet he was also a brilliant military commander so he would have seen blood and guts and Bulgar swords stabbing at his horse, so he’s the guy and the

thing I need to figure out now is what would someone like this be like after 1120 years of being a vamp, or not a vamp, something similar to a vamp [he won’t drink blood, he’ll dig his nails under the skin and rub firmly, his idea of sex]

would he still carry the brutality of the 10th-15th century timeframe

would it be worse now that he’s not human

would he be lonelier and lonelier in sync with the growing morality of humans in general

as his total lack of morals slipped away from his country’s traditions?

Is that too harsh?

I’m sure there were lots of good people even in Medieval times

even in the armies

and modern Hungarians don’t celebrate massacres far as I know

no they’re not that bad

not much different from Croatians or Romanians or Slovenians

none of them said anything to me

when I was in Hungary

even though I looked semi-Iranian

but that was 5 years ago and the right wing’s got the mic now

recruiting skinheads for the police

looking down at the pavement everytime they walk past the museum of sadness

would this kind of thing re-energise my vamp

bring him back to his old days

10th century village raids

or would he swim with the tide and adapt to each age

learn science, read kafka, flatshare with refugees?

Would he really give a shit about Kafka?

Or Vic Orban?

I don’t know

I read that he was betrayed at a reconciliation feast in 906AD

so perhaps he knows better than to trust

humans with power.

But if he is a lonely vamp and an anti-human vamp then why would he bother talking to my main characters?

Wouldn’t he just kill them?

Would he even care enough to do that?


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