In The Earth // Charles J. March III


Ritualistic sacrifice folk spirit of the woods,

conceived from a blaringly eldritch,

new wave research,

necromancer montage,

Now an altered state / possessed, monolithic cyclops Ancient sorcerer

Born of a druid voyeur,

 desperate to connect with the other,

Via strange clothes,


 And a psychedelic pink cloud

as old & sick as time

She/It speaks to you,

Looking for something more

From a radically isolated, ambient soundboard

Giving way to a digital hatchet job

With caustic chemicals as the only way to stop the mycorrhiza


Aspirated network mist from the

sole-worn fungal spore (Robert Plant)

Hazmat eyes engineered to static photosynthesize plaques of sunrise and deny the father through stick figure doctor locks of cottagecore pastoral gray

Church vs. State strobes follow…

In mnemonic device antitrust rescue

As you collapse on a distorted voice

Whilst in a trance

Your pupils freak out

And you carve the findings into your renegade pursuers

Lost Ballardian sutures

all come together through

Chromosomal crop circles

under your ringwormed,

Mid-life crisis,

Hansel & Gretel 



Charles J. March III is a field medic veteran currently living in California. His work has been put out by Apocalypse Confidential, The Collidescope, Centre for Experimental Ontology, tragickal, Plutonics, Fugitives & Futurists,, etc. More can be found at LinkedIn & SoundCloud.

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