A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 // Oli Johns


Only one bad thing about sleep they say

it closely resembles rococo worlds the boiler room

no tannoy skin flaking off hours

Goya cam


[Daddy can’t help you now]



Let me in, Jesse

 You’ve got the body I’ve got the brains

you’ve got

the body young vacant taut body you’ve got it J that body MY future body ripe body soft skinned teen golem body untouched by other martyred caretaker men uncut unpossessed let me in J cos I’ve got the brains glove urge tongue and you the body that fucking body track + field body arms legs hands dick nine inch ten with low pubes kind ruler Ron in shower semi-hard boy you’ve got the-


[Hey, Grady, do you remember your dreams?

Only the wet ones.]


Yank back Schrader town pack up the guards

We need mirrors.


Church cinema.

Seek contact and never achieve glove in the mail balls in the biscuit tin.

To glow that way is insane.


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