A Nightmare On Elm Street 2 // Oli Johns


Only one bad thing about sleep they say

it closely resembles rococo worlds the boiler room

no tannoy skin flaking off hours

Goya cam


[Daddy can’t help you now]



Let me in, Jesse

 You’ve got the body I’ve got the brains

you’ve got

the body young vacant taut body you’ve got it J that body MY future body ripe body soft skinned teen golem body untouched by other martyred caretaker men uncut unpossessed let me in J cos I’ve got the brains glove urge tongue and you the body that fucking body track + field body arms legs hands dick nine inch ten with low pubes kind ruler Ron in shower semi-hard boy you’ve got the-


[Hey, Grady, do you remember your dreams?

Only the wet ones.]


Yank back Schrader town pack up the guards

We need mirrors.


Church cinema.

Seek contact and never achieve glove in the mail balls in the biscuit tin.

To glow that way is insane.



[He’s inside me, and he wants to take me again]


Sometimes when I’m lying here I can see Satan getting ready for bed.

Their body is slim and smooth.

No one is going to hurt you.


Little by little everything will return to a fleeting green.


[Under the sheets with me, tearing at my nightgown with his steel claw]


I love you but.

HE is evil itself its own magazine.

I know now that I rode him into this world the psych ward too.

Leash without looking leashed.

Yes I had a bad night.

Fingered Ron’s lung couldn’t get it up fucked in post bareback what BBQ?

Lisa beyond organic.

Pinned to the side of the green screen.

Factory but not.

Seek refuge in the first place they’ll look tell her she saved me burnt away the gay the Worf on Risa pics no wet dick for this puppet boy thing lobotomy.


[Kill me, Lisa, please, kill me]


Get wasted in school shower.

Cut pubes to make other pubes seem bigger.

You mean more to me than any semiotic truth Barthes my love stuck in subway rubbing cum on milk and milk on walls euphoric one day out of five Ron’s dick is curved weird love this old subway body bag camera set-up low don’t go F stay


[This bus is going too fast, Lisa]


Sorry but man pursuing goal.

Condemned to die after ten years vacuous.

What you saw was the materialisation of your conception of HEY BOY, a film you’ve never seen.

Ron by the lake peeling strips off of Ron by the lake sexy cut-out

Burnt dick weak hoodie

Elm Street in judo threads sensei arid as F

red book redder book boom box Freddy ball let him take you in the-


[You are all my children now]


Lisa is the Und, my friend.

Tentacled pool mist murder joy no turning back grab those

tits from Mattel

merged into mother tit critter ball

dick lost at the seams

subtext of the subtext of the subtext of the sub-tent of the suck-test of

Freddy’s sex Id launderette CANNOT lapse this way in dream world psychosis all absorbed anime reconfigured as pink sky permanently out there flush flesh creep attitude face who came up with this wretch god man you cinema, F?


Oli Johns is this site you’re reading, basically.

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