Star Trek TNG: Season 1 episode list

* Warning: some bad language [and some nice language too]

Series One of the Next Generation always gets bad press, but is it really that terrible? Let’s look back and re-review:

1 – Encounter at Farpoint
After being refused entry to the Enterprise for lewd behaviour, First Officer Riker is ambushed and put on trial by an entity known as Q. For about two minutes. Then put in an oubliette. Meanwhile, an outpost with a population of around 200 applies to join the Federation yet is left puzzled by the stiffness of the new cast. Can they overcome the script and establish a trait?

2 – The Naked Now
The crew encounters a ship where everyone died from capitalist realism. Data theoretically fucks Lieutenant Yar for days. Wesley licks pages of Thus Spoke Zarathustra and ascends. Picard stews, ostensibly the captain. Will we ever truly escape hierarchy?

3 – Code of Racism
Tasha Yar is kidnapped by a planet of black aliens the writers can never be allowed to forget and forced to gymnastic someone to death. Worf and Geordi bite their respective tongues. Picard quotes Santa parts of MLK. Riker gets stuck into the extras. Crusher calls security when alien leader breathes nearby.

4 – The Last Outpost
While pursuing a Ferengi ship the Enterprise and its crew become trapped in a piss poor episode. Can they work with the crypto-ho Ferengi to free themselves from it? Will the Ferengi stop dancing around like monkeys? One of them’s Quark, I think.

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Star Trek TNG: The Drumhead [Redux] Part 2


Part 1 is here


Worf smacks the table in frustration, making the betazoid jump and the Observation Lounge shudder.

‘This is impossible…’

‘We shall look again.’

‘All of the crew have been with us for over a year, I know most of them, there’s no way they could be Romulan spies.’

‘What about this guy?’

The betazoid points at a picture of Alexander.

‘That’s my son.’

‘Official records say he’s currently living on Earth, in a city called Minsk.’

‘He’s on vacation.’

‘Okay. What about this woman?’

‘That’s Guinan.’

‘It says here she has poorly-defined magical abilities.’

‘She runs Ten Forward. Intermittently.’ Worf shakes his head. ‘Her schedule is strange.’

‘Has she ever been to Romulus?’

‘No. But she has been to Ted Danson.’


Worf folds his arms. ‘This is still meaningless. All we have is vague supposition and guesswork.’