Winter Budapest

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Part 3

Two seventeen becomes

two eighteen becomes

27 districts of

Hungarian lonely

wanking to our layout plan

heroes scratched

waiting for cop name

Jesus, that sharp?

At least you didn’t roll off a cliff

Grace Park.



Don’t tap, little shits they’ll

sotsugyo suru


get Joseph the man, ask him to

wipe tape

fill in Cinderella vocab gaps


palace pity, murders by the Rhine

she won’t stop cleaning

either side

Volyova’s launched a probe

to 2092

k-pop, gogol, jimi and sam plus

900 sex sticks

there was never any rain


Ataturk in the kitchen

Prospero on his knees



are you peeling me last?

loathe slow borg

provoke Kevin Kline

in French time

why it’s only season four

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