Star Trek Discovery // A Poem

star trek discovery poem image final


Part 1

What’s that room, what’s that room, what’s that room, what’s that room, what’s that room do, what’s in there, what’s it do, what’s that room, what’s inside, what, what’s inside, whoopi g? what’s that room, what’s that room, what’s that room, what’s in there,


Part 2

Sentient textbook, shave in space, don’t like talk

Put it in the slut net

cowardly shit

Part 3

you’re soldiers now, 12 ship war, where’s earth? Where’s Chiba, where’s Mish? Turn left, stick with me, I’m half Belize, D at science, fuck first, sob fight later, where’s Sally B, you stole my knees, mourn that fool, we turned left yet? I’m fine, nice shirt, don’t apologise for holo-suite fun stains, scare Tracy.

Part 4

Asian cameo, comfy chair

Man, that’s the canteen

don’t go there

O Brien’s remembering things

Part 5

Sengaku dot head jack in new balan sex suit, leaflets plus poem, it ain’t French, it’s English with no ‘th’, gerunds, gerunds, klingon grammar when the walls fell, me face cun move, can’t pronounce friend, shit,

did Ray say why supremacy?

Part 6

Stab the Asian, say we tried

Based on a classmate

Better than pike

She was there in episode 3, originally, we swear

Part 7

Plan B in dim light

New ship

No chairs

Sly physics, seventh grade shit, roam Cali, lakes and lakes and lakes and lakes old greek god and lakes and lakes

but first

spears and face paint.

Part 8

Meyer in the writer’s room, let no other bitches in

Yes, you were a fighter pilot once, Nic

but I wrote Robocop 2

I like this tent.

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