Urdu Camper van [textbooks lie]

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By the end of this unit, you’ll be able to say


undercuts Urdu with

ballots of concern, debris spilling lung shaped, five ditch down, round up Ismail + Fatima + Callie’s Tanith Lee

Fax left, stretch fur

Drench two heads, one higher than the other, debate John Hannah

with hidden numbers and

slippery oar

Contact SETA, if you have to

don’t fall for Cube

Hold onto Heinlein

Stretch more fur

attempt physic, call up

causative agent green

offer cheek

dry out the Romulan

slide along not down the fibreglass


causytiv adjunct gren resumay: pro hona, suck out shame, comfort manning [a 2nd time], die in the high place, critique hawn, use ballack, rebuild hill rebuild hel re-bill

orchard motels, clean ones.

Jezuz, Zico

Not everyone in India has a sharpie

Factories and shoes

Factories and shoos

who builds the builders, who buries the toys?

Ghandi grammar, Modi verbs

modi them sideways

into alleys within alleys within alleys within alleys winter alleys without allies within alleys and alleys and alleys within alleys within Tim Allen doesn’t care within alleys and alleys and

hi Shaani

1989 sneak drop

Military grey

we were all there too long

didn’t we, ben?

fuzzy space ambitionist

Ya Joan Baez,

Jingo Joan

Neither protestant nor flappable



We swore we’d never use nor again

Sorry Ursula

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