Johnny Mnemonic // Sara Matson


<hit me>                                                                                                        

eye twitch reminder

sage pillow hair always

cut above the ear


quiet whisper (accent upgrade) i can smell

ur shoulder skin

introspective + young


my job is to deed the fish (gild                       the lily)

bow b/w gold etched masterpiece

(always                        a smith)


motion activated single question

in a double jointed trenchcoat

my cigarette carry case gleams

in neon light

god      DAMN the futurepast

looks   c o o l


electric garrote worn as thumbnail

no one looks as saturated as i feel


reflecting on the largess of

rapid animated sequences will always impress me

it’s not murder if it’s bought + paid for (dubbed)


rounded acrylic frames explain the internet

to me (again) but necky sinew extremities

fight the whole way    up // down

surfing the net + storing the data

phantoms spooked everyone except

the CD in the microwave


<hit      me>

late while remaining exactly on time

(a goddamn wizard)

i remember every time i admired u

as violent father  //  carcinogenic teacher

bright brown eyes reflecting the ruby

bloodvapor of ur laughter

an enchanted lisp braided ur tongue

on the cusp of a twirl

kiss my gloved palm + let me return

to my grace jones fantasy

young + supple my jacked system can only shake

in a chainmail sleeve

individual spider legs

delicately adhered as false eyelashes

sticky at the edge + bitter like snapping turtles


everything (even data) is cyclical

wire wrapped fence slicked like a bullet

into my delicate jaw


coffin nail to forehead

single syllables trapped like pineapple chunks

(retro dinner party jello mold)

last breath sucked thru transparent raincoat

i howl in referential delight


nostalgia is a double-edged bloody nostril

ur fingerless leather stud

caught in my curls       an onery suggestion


curse my fist like a lock

safetyblue backdrop awaits command

while my idle mouth dribbles

melon juice from neon corners

subconscious surface piercings

reject from a teenage forearm


<hit                              me>

i want henry rollins to spitscream in my face

about technology or whatever excites him this month

while i wear a silk robe imprinted w/ quotation marks

satiny collar tightening around my old band tattoo


i imagine he crucifies me w/ nitroglycerin

my thick blonde hair crashing in waves

around protein bands + circuits

my studded armband warns me w/ shoehorned

flashing mechanics

wake up the technicalities

                        healthy + topless

                        i fill the dimple in ur chin w/

                        rosewater + drink until everything     

                        glimmers pink             like magic spiders


wires running like bloodstreaks down my face

(violent description)

i make tough choices w/ red rimmed eyes

(that’s me in the background              shaking)


garbage pile blast i remind everyone of the future

i ripped out for their benefit

blank expression angled upward the big speech

requires flames + angelface

dirtied + wide eyed i wish u were acknowledged

growling about (cold beer                   expensive hookers)

but they don’t care + it’s just u + me + this shitty couch


future means painted faces + wetwired appropriation

they don’t remove my dusty skysuit when the

operation is complete


ur headache must be atrocious + as a skinjob

i can relate


descend from the sky an icon            

father // son // movie day

+ i’ll always cheer + admire

singular lines that jut              explicate

but keep flowing


Sara Matson (she/her) has poetry in Bone Bouquet, Impossible Task, Pink Plastic Press, and elsewhere. Sara’s full-length book of poetry <personal fashion> from swallow::tale press is available to purchase directly thru her and her chapbook, electric grandma is available from Another New Calligraphy. Sara’s pop culture chapbook of DVD poems, Special Features, is forthcoming from Alien Buddha Press. She lives in Chicago where she Tweets as @skeletorwrites. More of Sara’s poetry can be found at

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