Johnny Mnemonic // Sara Matson


<hit me>                                                                                                        

eye twitch reminder

sage pillow hair always

cut above the ear


quiet whisper (accent upgrade) i can smell

ur shoulder skin

introspective + young


my job is to deed the fish (gild                       the lily)

bow b/w gold etched masterpiece

(always                        a smith)


motion activated single question

in a double jointed trenchcoat

my cigarette carry case gleams

in neon light

god      DAMN the futurepast

looks   c o o l


electric garrote worn as thumbnail

no one looks as saturated as i feel


reflecting on the largess of

rapid animated sequences will always impress me

it’s not murder if it’s bought + paid for (dubbed)


rounded acrylic frames explain the internet

to me (again) but necky sinew extremities

fight the whole way    up // down

surfing the net + storing the data

phantoms spooked everyone except

the CD in the microwave

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