A Visitor To A Museum // Ansgar Allen


What do you want from me, observer, with this observe that there, see it that there below, grey obstinate what there that there, observe, then, not nondescript enough, say, surely never nondescript enough, that ever enough walked already beyond itself, and the extras. Cough grievously, enflamed that there and on that there, never behind there, never that not nothing, else, behind that there becomes, grievously mistaken. This way, never behind with coughing, these extras, they cough, about which say nothing, in advance only. Not nothing extra, observer, what say it then, that, nothing not extra, the extras who cough in advance only advance only. See what sea then that then saying when, or days, three out three back, see that sea then seen it gone.


Ansgar Allen is the author of books including a short history of Cynicismand the novels, Plague Theatre, Wretch and The Sick List.

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