Black Candles // Karina Bush


She watches from the incest pit gold cigarettes.

She is fractured in the head.

She fingers her fractured head. 

Pearls after pearls after pearls.

Flowers flying from the incest pit.

All tender in the pearly orphic dream.

She masturbates the goat.

The goat loves it he fills her cup.

She drinks the sperm of the beast.

The sperm glistens her insides.

Slips through the cell doors into her empty space.

She is part of the fleshy universe.

She had repressed this dream.

The feeding dream.

The non-ordinary state.

She has pregnant tits to rage suck.

She fucks the air fucks the world.

The skin is all that exists.

She anoints her in Latin.

In the stable where Gods are born.

She fucks the goat in Latin.

Strokes the handsome beard.

The goat is a psycho fucks better than man.

There is no pain threshold.

Stench of buck hits the throat.

Chin piss.

Karmic gaping eye.

She transcends filth.

The goat empties its chambers.

She is filled with goat cock goat cum the umbilical cord the feeding tube.

She is out of it tied to the pit. 

She is sticky with goat.

Tongue is sticky with goat language.

The relentless mouth.

The steroid hymn.

The fine things.

The goat battery.

Staying high in fuck resonation.

Seeding and seeding the quantum.

The white morning quantum.

Gaping kiss all life at the surface.

Her simplicity of urge.

MILF ancestors singing back in the land memory.

Guttural cunt attack chain.

They dilate and dilate.

In the scum.

The scum gush.

The scum is ripe it feeds girl buds.

She makes another slave.

No is a very small word.

Love is absurd.

Slave has fat adulterer genitals.

Inconsequential spunk thing.

Clawing his way up the pyramid.

Community property.

She gets her cunt eaten greedy pig. 

Arched and silken yogi.

Mistress of body technology.

Slave wants to crawl inside reverse time.

He wants to be a dirt baby goat twin. 

She cooks baby goats in her cunt.

Cunt is an experiment.

Cunt technology.

Corrupt the lot.

Clotted in cum placenta.

Ever hopeful for love.

Battery farmed.

Want all the Mommy issues the hot influx.

Clotted pearls the seeding pit.

Ripe sticky land pearls.

Forever promise.

Everything grows.

Everything cums.

Everything suffers.

She is gush.

She likes everyone to watch in heat.

In the screaming cell.

Heat drips from the crowd apple smoke cloud.

God is hard in the air. 

The glands are techno.

Priest spits wine into the cunt.

Slaves drink wine out of the cunt.

Jewel wine on the teeth.

She is the host of luxury.

She is fucked paraplegic.

She leaves a cunt trail for the goat.

Jewels and hair and pearls and spinal fluid.

She is mounted she is a screaming violin.

Aristocratic throat tied to the pit.

Perfect bitch.


Karina Bush is an Irish writer and artist who lives in Italy. She is the author of four books with the most recent, Rotten Milk, published in 2021 by Tangerine Press. Karina’s work has been featured by the Los Angeles Review of Books, Akashic Books, Expat Press, Fugitives & Futurists, the International Poetry Studies Institute, and more. She is also the FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION SLUT, the world’s hottest dissident. FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION SLUT will be released in 2023 by Tangerine Press. Her website is:

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