[Sonic Death Bot] Chapter 1: Input L+++


left is thought



right is fear


and claws

they never liked Star Trek

except Ted Cruz



[Chapter 1]



In what way

Is to be done, what




Agree in heart, forgive + drinks some years later.

Ideology hammer, use sparingly.

Future cities

Power through sci-fi

Potentialist: communism on Mars, anarcho- if necessary.

Kuiper Belt communes


Early works of

Kollontai. Bogdanov. Althusser.

Of possessing the “married partner”

Code of sexual morality, in harmony with problems of working class

Names of all objects and qualities are declined according to their temporal status

Much less logical morphology of your languages

Hurricane of history

All crit all day

Avoid Austrian sociology but not sociology outright

Later works of

Gramsci. Dolgoff. Kropotkin.

Hegemony acts either as rhizome or brain of dialectical materialism, does not matter which

Anarchism has its place [and bias], read for context


Marxist dialectic vs Hegelian dialectic

Solution already exists

Old Marx wins out, in terms of bedrock.

Theoretical 2:

Five cannot die for many

Four max

Avoid false equivalence, false dilemma, prosthetics, false panels, shortcuts

No real world rail-track works that way



More voices, some cloaked


Shopping mall

Capitalist realism

Nihilistic comfort in acceptance of capitalist realism + vapourwave


No idols, do not attach

Check sources

Read original text.

Theoretical 3:

Return to Lenin with a quiet mind. One man standing in the eternal ‘current situation.’

Conjure up new revolutions.

Do no harm unless [      ]

<input end>

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