[Preview] Psycho Holosuite Zine // Issue 1

psycho holosuite7-2


Zine: Psycho Holosuite [Issue 1]

Pages: 80 [print version], 90 [e-version]

Contributors: Berit Ellingsen, Frankie Sachs, Soren Melville [cover artist], Thomas Stolperer, Marc Horne, Tyson Bley and me [Oli].

Release date: September 1st

Publication: Every 3-4 months hopefully


Unlike the Gupter Puncher zines I’ve done before, I really like the name of this one.

The issue number was going to be higher to give the impression the zine’s been running for longer than it has, but I scrapped that idea and just went with ‘1’.

80 Pages isn’t that many, even with 6 other contributors.

Theme? Stories?

The first issue of this zine will deal with a] authenticity and b] dread.

The stories will be alive and integrated fluidly into the zine, not just put down on the page to be admired.

There will be e-mails and comments and tangents all over the place.

There will be time travel and dying astronauts and riker from Star Trek [barely] and a hybrid designed specifically to colonise Mars.

There will be a Ray Bradbury piss-take.

There will even be notes for most of the Freddy films written by me pretending to be Robert Englund.

There will be a piece on It Follows and The Town that Dreaded Sundown [both versions] and why one has dread but the other doesn’t

What else?

The contributors…well, I’ve never met any of them in person, but I’ve typed to them a few times…here’s what I know:

Berit Ellingsen – lives somewhere in Norway which means she can probably speak Norwegian and Swedish and Danish as every other Norwegian I’ve ever met could speak all three. Amazing that she can write so well in English…the best I could do in Japanese would be ‘the crazy man went to the train station because the writer doesn’t know the word for bus station.’

Frankie Sachs – friend of Berit and wrote a lovely elephant story which is why I asked her to write for this issue. Has been known to write one word e-mails.

Marc Horne – writer of Automatic Assassin [I stole Chapter 7 for this issue] and guy who’s quite hard to get hold of most of the time, but has a unique style of writing that has what most other writers leave out: a sense of humour.

Soren Melville – He does the covers and used to do the covers for the Gupter zine too. Has seemingly merged with the internet one hundred per cent, but I’m certain he’s also a real person. Has set up his own thing recently, pamphlets for the apocalypse…you can still submit if you’re a writer…

Tyson Bley – lives somewhere in Germany where the post office seems to be in another town. Writes poems with great word choice like ‘Beach Fear in the Parking Lot.’

Thomas Stolperer – apparently famous for starting stories with ‘some fucker…’ though the one he’s done for this zine doesn’t. Actually, it’s an adaptation of a German story, with the key word being ‘adaptation’. It’s a beautiful piece, one of the best I’ve ever read.

What else?

You can buy the first issue of the zine after I’ve figured out how to do marketing online and how to sell it on this site without relying solely on amazon…probably the end of August, but I’m not sure yet.

Actually, I think I’ll open an big cartel shop to sell 30 of the zines and put the PDF version on weightless books or gumroad or somewhere similar.

The print version of the zine will be sold at various places in various cities around the world. Probably around 8-10. I’ll try and find some distros to spread some print zines around too.

I’ll do a follow-up post when everything’s confirmed.

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