Psycho Holosuite #Issue 1 [Out Now]

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Zine: Psycho Holosuite [Issue 1]

Pages: 80 [print version], 90 [e-version]

Contributors: Berit Ellingsen, Frankie Sachs, Soren Melville, Thomas Stolperer, Marc Horne, Tyson Bley and me [Oli].

Release date: Now


Well, after printing this thing 5 months ago and watching it sit in a box in the corner of my living room doing nothing ever since, I can finally say, man, it’s out.

By ‘out’ I mean available for order in stripped down e-form on amazon, and on its way in glorious zine form to the following places:

Atomic Books [Baltimore]

The Coming Society [Hong Kong]

Sticky Institute [Melbourne]

Housmans [London]

Book Thug Nation [NYC]

Molasses [NYC]

Quimby’s [Chicago]

There are still 4-5 places we’re gonna add to this list, but you can find out more about these confirmed stockists here.

All of them are decent and well stocked with zines from all kinds of people, so even if you don’t like our one, you probably will like at least one zine there.

Also, if you want to order a copy, just e-mail us and we’ll see if there’s any left.

What’s in Issue 1 of this zine?

Well, there’s:

– fiction about immortality and cinemas by Berit Ellingsen
– Ray Bradbury misquotes
– fiction about a hybrid destined for Mars by Frankie Sachs
– a great cover by Soren Melville
– adaptation of old German zombie story called ‘Meret’ by Thomas Stolperer
– Fake notes on the Freddy films by me pretending to be Robert Englund
– Chapter 7 of Automatic Assassin by Marc Horne
– Thoughts + half-assed analysis of Masque of the Red Death starring Vincent Price, as well as It Follows and the Town that Dreaded Sundown
– bizarro poem called ‘Barely Riker’ by Tyson Bley
– Other stuff

I’ve heard of Ray Bradbury, but who are all those other people?

The contributors…well, I’ve never met any of them in person, but I’ve typed to them a few times…here’s what I know:

Berit Ellingsen – lives somewhere in Norway which means she can probably speak Norwegian and Swedish and Danish as every other Norwegian I’ve ever met could speak all three. Amazing that she can write so well in English…the best I could do in Japanese would be ‘the crazy man went to the train station because the writer doesn’t know the word for bus station.’

She also has a new book out with two dollar radio called Not Yet Dark, about a family that installs dimming technology in their new house before discovering that every time they fiddle with it, someone in Eastern Europe dies. You should probably double check that synopsis on the publisher’s site, it might be wrong.

Aha, turns out I was very wrong, the real synopsis is right here.

Frankie Sachs – Frankie wrote a lovely elephant story about a future world where there are no more elephants and people hold a festival that remembers them wrong. This story is why I asked her to write for this issue. Has been known to write one word e-mails.

Marc Horne – writer of Automatic Assassin [I stole Chapter 7 for this issue] and guy who’s quite hard to get hold of most of the time, but has a unique style of writing that has what most other writers leave out: a sense of humour.

Soren Melville – He does the covers and used to do the covers for the Gupter zine too. Has seemingly merged with the internet one hundred per cent, but I’m certain he’s also a real person. Has set up his own thing recently, pamphlets for the apocalypse…they have 2 zines for sale so far, one on how to deal with evil computers which I’m buying after I’ve typed this promo. Also, you can still try them if you’re a writer, they’re perma-open for subs, I think.

Thomas Stolperer – seems to spend most of his time posting screencaps of Mexican soap operas and doing some kind of drunk art.  Actually, far as I know, he’s the only one of our contributors who has a wikipedia page – the artist is famous for writing pieces beginning with ‘some fucker…’ – and has done exhibitions in various places including NYC and Seoul. But it’s his blog you really wanna see, it’s got some weirdo genius stuff, including pieces beginning with ‘some fucker…’

You can get to it via this vortex

Tyson Bley – lives somewhere in Germany where the post office seems to be in another town. Writes poems with great word choice like ‘Beach Fear in the Parking Lot.’ His poem in our zine is called ‘Barely Riker’, which I believe is a better title than both ‘Regarding Henry’ and ‘Hard Target’, but not quite at the same level as ‘for the world is hollow and I have touched the sky’. Others may disagree.

His book, Drive Thru Zoo, is on gobbet press, and it’s great.

When’s Issue 2 out?

January, hopefully. Depends on response time of contributors and operational time of me.

Will it have a robot theme?


Will the theme be rigidly stuck to?


Are there any other zines, Australian maybe, that put robots on the front cover and generally deal in sci-fi?

Oh yes. You can buy Issue 4 of Moss Piglet here. It’s great.

If anyone knows any other sci fi/horror/bizarro zines, please let me know cos I want to buy them.

And if you know any good places that might stock our zine then tell me about those too.

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