Black Candles // Karina Bush


She watches from the incest pit gold cigarettes.

She is fractured in the head.

She fingers her fractured head. 

Pearls after pearls after pearls.

Flowers flying from the incest pit.

All tender in the pearly orphic dream.

She masturbates the goat.

The goat loves it he fills her cup.

She drinks the sperm of the beast.

The sperm glistens her insides.

Slips through the cell doors into her empty space.

She is part of the fleshy universe.

She had repressed this dream.

The feeding dream.

The non-ordinary state.

She has pregnant tits to rage suck.

She fucks the air fucks the world.

The skin is all that exists.

She anoints her in Latin.

In the stable where Gods are born.

She fucks the goat in Latin.

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