Blake the leader of men

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Not until free men can think and ski

Crawl inside the walls

Check on Avon


Follow sandy occultists on twitter

Halve Jenna

Break into sewage plant

Push idea


Send Callie to the sex moon don’t let her invent things

Rotate Servelan



Cover with tits.


Inside the MEGA SHIP we try not to praise Pohl

Nos multiply instead

50 quid an ep?

Use cardboard


John Cusack might rap later

he said

18 + went to Stockholm

Own planet



Blake in a quarry

geh sceptic


Season 2 staples Pynchon and Lee

Tanith’s kitchen, seven heads:

I wrote rape before

I can do it again


to help Blake grow

more implacable


I quite like the federation

spits Jenna

on vacation in the teleport room


Avon waits

lies about his Japanese


Bread is brot but that’s about all I remember don’t ask me more scripted okay learn 7 words 2 phrases I don’t know keep saying all of them all the time hope no one buys my book all I do is tell people to sign up to duolingo don’t have Slovene yet they will language of the future language of 2750 language of Marx and Servalan that’s twice she’s come up she should’ve died in this ep nice gown


From the walls

Venezuelans misread Kropotkin

They think he said yap


Dana’s problematic


Add a y


Gowron’s a dick, we’re glad he’s dead

Blake mutters

above the spacious canteen


Avoid Episode 5

Gan dies

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