Moddey Dhoo [poem]

Manannan's Map of Fantastical Folk of the Isle of Man…


dry out the fibreglass

prepare your nan

can’t have two poets in the attic, it’s weird


During a period of intense productivity

play darts

read Kant


Night on the farm, blessed by

neon control

there half the year

avec plastic conscience and



Those Stalinist future shotguns

travel in pairs

vicious and green

with a blurred understanding of breath control



With the express aim of welding

[between man and man]

chivalrous awe

we have intercourse in every direction


Perk up

Class who owns nothing

Perk the fuck up


Wholesale misery follows

Pamela’s bike

her systemic pedantry

Esta noite, amanhã

Todo mundo ficará sabendo a peste que você é

Manx, please


Green carpet


4 days for the bus to explode


Ja ja ja ja

if your horse tries to vote

hide hay

burn horse


Callous vicars

throughout the next century

agile in parks

sensationally bald

anaemic when it counts

no Mary

not really sure what the law is, how a six year old is different from a twenty-six year old, both know basic physics, eat the same food, go the same-

give em a break, Will

you don’t know how busy they are,

those callous vicars

weeping verse

washing the goat

daring the 7th least capable to haggle with Marx



re-reading Marx

Is there a lock for that key?


Prismatic rectitude?

Man, come on

15 book contract and all you gotta do is gurn,

eroticise Duck Tales,

Foster Meg and co




and ja

ditch Bakunin, his knees are gone

post-Hague thingy

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