The Hole // Mike Corrao


From the plaster, an evocation summons every droplet of water. THE RISING HUM. Telephone wires looping around your neck. We are connecting two points in space.

cinematic bodies

thru the gap

scenes of microlithic corrosion

Modern architecture makes me nervous (Johannes Goransson)

There is an overgrowth of inorganic materials spreading through the building. Either guided by the annihilatory ambitions of the landlord, or some unknown malevolence. Gray sludge uproots the wallpaper, eating away at every solid structure. The tiles are beginning to sag, smoke is seeping into the hallways, the ground is opening up.

open wide o earth

i want to see what’s inside

We have found that buildings with running water beneath their foundations tend to have a higher degree of activity (Steve Gonzales).

i don’t want to go outside

can you feel it?

i’m in your walls

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